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This blog is co-authored by three attorneys at Dessen, Moses & Rossitto. Combined, we have about a hundred years of legal experience, a great deal of which has been spent preparing wills and handling estates – essentially, pre-death and post-death issues. Although death is inevitable, our experience is that people in the United States don’t learn about or discuss death – as though not mentioning it will make us live forever. Instead of ignoring the topics, isn’t it better for us all to be informed?

Our hope is that this blog will become a one stop resource for Pennsylvania residents who have questions about estate planning and probate. Educating you through humor is our goal – after all, there is no need to be scared about the topics – you just need to learn the terms and figure out what makes the most sense for your particular set of circumstances. We want you to understand the subtleties of federal and state taxation, the differences between gifts of money and items, the various kinds of trusts that can be used to protect your loved ones and other topics that may help you make the best decisions for your intended beneficiaries. You’ll learn how to make good choices for the various people you need to appoint in your estate planning documents. We also want to educate you about probate in general, as well as the many specific processes and details associated with filing the required paperwork after death in order to complete the process.

Please call any of us with your comments, thoughts for posts or questions that you might want answered in this blog.

Hope Bosniak, hbosniak@dms-lawyer.com, 215-496-2914
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